Hacked Back Door To Joomla

Here is another reason to NEVER download commercial (paid) software from a torrent or third party download site.  In the case of Joomla extensions if you do so you are may be opening up a secret backdoor for the bad guys to hack into your system.  

On the Internet there are two basic types of websites.  Those written in plain HTML and those who utilize a Content Management System (CMS) to organize and display the information contained in the site.  They both serve the same purpose but do it in VERY different ways.  For some people plain HTML may be enough for simple, basic information based websites.  For those who want more control, flexibility, and dynamic content a Content Management System may be the way to go.  This article details the basics of what CMS systems are and why they may be appropriate for even beginning web site designers.

Make no mistake, Google and other search engines now routinely figure page load times into their search algorithms.  If your site loads slowly it may very well rank lower than a comparable site that is faster if all other factors are equal. The good news is that many of these slow page load problems can be fixed, and usually the fix is fairly easy to do even for a beginner.

Now that you have your results from Pingdom and PageSpeed you can use that data to help you make changes to your website to speed up the page load times.  This part of the series will focus on teaching you how to decipher the results from the speed test sites and use it in a proactive way.


Web hosts are in business to make money.  The more clients and sites they can pack onto a single web server the more economical it becomes for the host.  Most hosts that offer extremely low cost hosting do so because they cram hundreds of clients onto a single machine.  If one or several of those sites suddenly get hit with lots of traffic or if they have not sufficiently optimized the CMS software running on them this puts a load on the server that winds up slowing your site down in the process.  But this is not the only reason that oversold web hosts are often to blame for slow server speeds.  The other has to do with spam.